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What do you need? A push or a pull in your business? – eelspace is a capable force; not the place, but the people you meet in it. 

Our Vision

We Are Grand Masters Of

Re-mote Work And Trade In Africa

We are the largest community of tech entrepreneurs in Africa, rich in intelligence and experience, consistently building a better narrative for upcoming entrepreneurs yet to emerge. We are grand masters of remote-work and trade in Africa

Our Mission

We Are On A Mission To

Change The Narratives Of Startups in Africa

eelspace was created with a passion to reduce the number of failed startups due to excessive capital and running cost in acquiring conducive work space; unlimited internet connectivity; customer discovery; customer development and marketing.  According to statistics, 20% of new businesses fail in the first year, while 75% of capital-backed businesses never reach success. Our startup is on a mission to change the narratives of startups within Africa with Nigeria as the first country currently experiencing our technology.