For the past few years, the idea of sharing workspace has suddenly become a vastly approved trend. Besides gaining wider acceptance and consumer base, the reality of coworking spaces has gained tremendous amounts of positive feedback, acting as reinforcements and self-allocated advertising all in one.

However sharing a space is only advised for small, medium businesses and mere outlets of larger companies.

What is a coworking space?

Collaborative working(coworking) spaces are in plain terms working spaces shared with other establishments, all striving to achieve individual success. As the saying goes, however, success is contagious, and you just might be in luck.


Here are few reasons why coworking spaces are such a widely advised idea:


2.Higher profits

3.Faster growth

4.Better management

5.Better staff exposure/socialization

6.The opportunity bank

7.Psychological influence on staff

8.Ease in responsibilities

9.Staff evaluation

10.Flexibility in staff size

11.Active and enjoyable staff events

12.Consumer-friendly systems


           Variety is the spice of life, in more occasions than one, this statement rings true, it becomes predictable going to work with the exact same people every day, switching it up a little really wouldn’t hurt anyone and would ensure that work becomes as fun as any other aspects of life– you could look at is as bringing your office to become part of a society or system larger than just itself.

2-Higher profits/Cheaper maintenance:

              With split cost, it is easy to see why maintenance would be easier in a coworking system. This basically just highlights the fact that the cost will be lightened as debits will be shared for a lot of the expenditure and services required to keep the businesses up and running. In the case of a Nigeria- based business, the standby generator will be fueled and serviced collectively. This and much more make the personal budget of each of the businesses involved more profitable.

3-Faster growth:

             In retrospect, the previous item on this list has made it only sensible to assume that with the burden of expenditure lessened, businesses will harness the extra income which would, in turn, give rise to higher levels of production, expansion, and unprohibited growth all round.

4-Better management:

           The saying ‘two heads are better than one’ comes into play here as a joint management system will ensure better results, higher productivity rates, a great improvement in all the other aspects of the companies’ welfare and output.

5-Better staff exposure/socialization:

           With shared facilities such as the cafeteria, the restrooms, the break room, the lounge area, the chances that staff will not get familiar with each other is almost non-existent, though, on a personal level, I’m not looking forward to a brief chat in the restrooms, not at all. This opportunity at socialization creates great friendships, shared knowledge, stronger bonds that ensure greater work on both sides. At least you’ll know someone has always got your back.

6-The opportunity bank:

        Speaking of opportunities, there are a plethora of opportunities to be gained from sharing a working space with people from other sides of life – from gaining information in other fields to exploring knowledge that seemed formerly elusive. Even skill gets sharpened when placed in a diversity-friendly environment.

7-Psychological influence on staff :

           The psychological influence of working alone in your room cannot be compared to that of working at the office with other people up and around. While most people feel more competent alone, the majority often leans into others and the steady flow of activity to draw motivation. This said it is highly advised for people to be surrounded by others who are in chase of a goal, however, liked-minded or far apart. The basic ‘chase for a goal’ is great to be around and you might just notice the great change of speed and strength in your staff and their work.

8-Ease in responsibilities:

           Have you ever thought, ugggh I have to sweep this room every day, all by myself … In the same way, it becomes pretty annoying for your staff if they have to clean the office every day, this is easily applicable as people find cleaning services to be a burden on small scale establishments. Now, if you got a roommate, who helped you create the mess every day, then that roommate would be responsible for helping you clean it up, so the strain would be lessened considerably. In the exact precise way, a coworking space allows for more hands and a more reliable management system, either by hiring a cleaner that will be paid for equally by all the offices housed in the building, or by delegating cleaning chores by order of subdivision.

9-Staff evaluation:

          Sharing spaces with people who do not necessarily have the same ideals you have tends to bring out a different side to people, so if you are set to explore how your staff manages and resolve conflict, this might be an interesting idea to try out. This alone, however, is not a good enough reason to invest in the idea of a coworking space.

10-Flexibility in staff size:    

          Collaborative working spaces ensure a fall back for if you want to cut off most of your staff, and enough room for if you want to stock up for a business storm. If you are looking for a way to ease your budget or ease the strain on your staff, whichever it may be, the coworking space would be a great idea for you. With less staff, you still have enough to run simple errands like clean and grab a coffee when the receptionist can’t, this is because it doesn’t all fall to you alone, your friends in your space can be willing to lend a hand if you keep to your end of the deal. In the same vein, if you choose to increase your staff population for any reason at all, all you’d need to do is buy a few extra desks, not rent a few extra apartments… This way, there’s always a certain cost-effective way to handle your staff.

11-Active and enjoyable staff events:

           Everyone knows that events are more likely to be boring if it’s just between people who are familiar already. Having new faces will ensure the lively interest and intrigue in your employee workshops, conferences, birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and other employee events, no matter how small or seemingly irrelevant.

12- Consumer friendly systems:

           This one is for the consumers, it makes errands easier to run. A mall is a coworking space of sorts and it makes it so much easier to reach different retailers of goods and services all at once.

Other kinds of shared spaces also seem to attain the same advantage, it just makes things so much lighter when you can run into your lawyer’s office for an appointment and still be able to meet with your stylist for your makeover session or an artist for your portraits and pictures or your therapist for your session, the possibilities are endless and maybe they will not always come together in the way that one building is accessible to all, but in the end, the advantages of coworking spaces are limitless for both buyer and seller and this fact cannot be overemphasized.

 Related questions

Collaborative working (coworking)

Is there a downside to coworking spaces?

 After all, you've read, of course, you're convinced that coworking spaces just might be the thing for you, an awesome, unique way to make friends while still fulfilling your daily quota at work, and you are not wrong. Yes, there is a downside to coworking spaces, not only because it like everything else needs both good and bad to be an absolute concept, but also for a few other possible reasons:

– sharing a space means you do not have absolute control over any of the decisions concerning the entire space.

– a shared space can be noisy and more than a little unruly. If you are someone who enjoys strict compliance with rules, this might rile you up more than a little and distract your staff.

  These reasons are only a gamble and it is wrong to pass up an opportunity just for fear of taking a risk. So yeah, if you really want to try out this idea, go for it!

What is the greatest advantage of a shared working space:

The greatest advantage of shared working space is that you get two of some things and half of everything else. You get the population, the variety, the fun, the birthday cakes in double measures and the cost, the conference room, the cafeteria, the office pool, the lounge, the receptionist, in only half measures, not the receptionist, of course, that would be creepy, but you get one instead of two and that not only shortens your cost but boosts codependent behaviors and largely benefits society.

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