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About Us

EELSPACE is a Nigerian online office space and workshop booking agency located at 33 Ikpa Road, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. We offer cheap office space and workshop to freelance entrepreneurs who need a workspace where they can book temporarily for few hours, days, weeks and months with guaranteed constant electricity. We partner with locals (business owners with permanent office or workshops) to provide this service by creating a strategy for which business owners can make extra income by sharing their office space or workshop.

How to get started

You can begin to make good income by sharing your electricity-space with our users(Entrepreneurs, Students, Tech persons, Hobbyist, tech-preneurs, freelancers) in the easiest way possible.

All you need is a smart phone or laptop (with browsing data) and a functional bank account

  1. Sign up online and create your eel-station: Give us some description of the workspace you want to share, your location [address];
    the duration of availability [How long the working space will be available for use];
    your cost per day and a few more details.

  2. We are committed to ensuring that Entrepreneurs, Students, Tech persons, Hobbyist, Tech-preneurs, freelancers that need a working space and reading space gets to easily locate your eel-station and thus help you cut the cost of sole generation of electricity with a few extra incomes.

Customer Development Team


David Orok

Ekaette Umoren

Ekaette Umoren

Emediong Ekong

Emediong Ekong

Nwabueze Miracle

Nwabueze Miracle

Our mission

  1. To help freelance entrepreneurs have access to office space & workshop with constant electricity with flexible booking strategies which allows our customers to book workspaces for few HOURS, DAYS, WEEKS and MONTHS

  2. To help already established office space & workshop owners make extra income as they share their workspace with freelance entrepreneurs.

Our Services

Office Space

Event space


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