If you don’t like science, forget it, I sometimes don’t like it either. I’m going to attempt to make a sense of this chaos that COVID-19 or Coronavirus or COV-SAR 2 has thrown the entire world into. Which motivated this article about facts and prevention of coronavirus.

Is it looking confusing already? No this is not the aim. I’m just trying to spread this cloth before you so you can see the wrinkles.

Now, COVID-19 is the last born, so to say, of the notorious Corona virus family sent by his family (the viruses) to invade the earth. This is not the first time we are hearing of this family but it’s the first time we’re hearing about this rogue child, COVID-19.

That’s why we say it is novel. Generally, this family of pathogens infects human beings via the respiratory route via droplets from people coughing or sneezing. This has drawn so many to ponder about the facts and prevention of coronavirus.

It is also true that this originated from Wuhan district in China, like Lassa fever which originated in a village called Lassa in the late 60s in the present day Borno State, Nigeria.

Why is everyone or at least the majority of us afraid of this virus?

It currently affects more than 1.7m people worldwide and the number of deaths is more than 100,000 individuals (John Hopkins University, 11/04/2020).

Countries with good and standard healthcare systems are having a torrid time controlling the effect on their population. This is based on the premise that even a single carrier showing symptoms or not can transmit the virus to many people, some experts have said at least three people per day, of course, this will largely be dependent on how many people s/he has contact with.

Now let’s look at what the affected symptomatic person feels : fever, cough, itchy throats, runny nose. Some authorities have also reported abdominal pain, diarrhea and loss of smell and taste.

Be that as it may, what this virus, therefore, does with the huge population it affects is the overload of health care centers, such that many of the countries hugely affected had to build extra facilities anywhere they find space stadia and open fields not exempted.

A huge need arises for use of ventilators, protective equipment for health workers, hand sanitizers, and the likes which is one of the key facts and prevention of coronavirus.

This coupled with the fact that major economies are currently at the break. We are spending money but not making it. Therefore everyone needs to be fully aware of the facts and prevention of coronavirus.

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control statistics

In Nigeria, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control statistics shows that we have over 700 people affected by 20 deaths at the moment.

While we know that the initial cases of the disease are imported cases.

There are genuine concerns that we are beginning to have many cases of community transmission, that is, transmission in people who haven’t travel abroad.

For some reason, some people still believe that this disease is a “scam” like we say in local parlance. It clearly doesn’t appear so with myriads of evidence littered around us.

This may be forgivable in the early days of the pandemic, it is no longer conceivable that some still harbor these thoughts in their mind which constitutes false facts and prevention of coronavirus.


Now as this miniature but brutal invader of the earth rages on, how do we protect ourselves?

I will start from the things you should do personally:

  • Wash your hands frequently or use hand sanitizer.
  • Cover your cough with tissue paper (or handkerchief) discard.
  • Wash your hands or cough into your elbow if you don’t have a tissue paper or handkerchief.
  • Avoid physical contact with other people– handshakes, hugging, etc.

The second category is social distancing measure: stay at home, inside your house.

If you need to go out maintain social and physical distancing up to 2m or 6 feet from the next person.

The last of course is to get across to relevant authorities if you have these symptoms or anybody you know feels that way.

We should see this as a responsibility we owe to ourselves and our loved ones and not as a favor to the government.

I will see you on the other side of this war. I know we will win.

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