Get out of the building! What building is he talking about here?

That’s the spirit! The inquisitive spirit that will help you succeed when you get out of the building.

I would be asking the same question after reading the title of this post.

Let me begin by assuring you that cats are ‘learning’, when it comes to being curious, as far as I am concerned.

You can agree with me for a fact that launching a startup is easy, and wearing the white-collar tag “entrepreneur” is currently almost everyone’s dream.

But very few are willing to get out of the building and do the real work.

If you are just starting your journey as an entrepreneur or startup founder then you’re above all men, most lucky to be feeding on this information in this time continuum.

When starting out , there are certain essential things that needs to be evaluated on time.

There are:

Customer Discovery
— Customer Validation

At this point, kindly note that a startup is a temporary organization in search of a scalable, repeatable, profitable business model.

A startup is not a small version of a big company as most people describe startups.

Companies execute business models where customers, their problems, and necessary product features are all “knowns.”

In sharp contrast, startups operate in “search” mode, seeking a repeatable and profitable business model.

The search for a business model demands that every startup or startup team must get out of the building.

It requires dramatically different rules, roadmaps, skill sets, and tools in order to minimize risk and optimize chances for success.

Get out of the building and search for your business model by first discovering your customers, and then validating those customers.

How can you discover your customers?.

As a startup, you need to know that customer discovery process is not simple. It is difficult but rewarding.

It requires a great deal of work and patience. It involves walking in the shoes of your potential customers, pondering on what their main pain is, and tailoring your unique value proposition to address that pain.

Customer discovery process need to be followed with agile development or simply put agile implementation.

You must be ready to test all your assumptions. In fact, it is best to recognize that your startup idea is just a hypothesis. It is far from being a fact.

Get out of the building and validate the hypothesis.

Winners recognize that their startup is a series of untested hypotheses. Losers, you know, ignorantly turn a blind eye against the fact they should actually be mindful of.

I like emphasizing that startups need to start lean so that they don’t burn up their resources and still get negative feedback from their customer discovery process.

You can test your unique value proposition(s) by using any of the steps below:

— Conducting surveys
— Giving out your Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be tested by potential customers and taking notes of their feedbacks.
— Research on the category of people that use a similar service provided by your competitor.

You can’t do any of this while still within the building of your idea, so get out of the building and walk the talk.

There are no facts inside your building, so get the heck outside!

Finally, be reminded that eelspace is a brand that helps startups and entrepreneurs start lean.

We believe that you can start your dream company by leveraging on available technologies and strategies previously utilized by other successful companies that were sometime ago, Startupper like yourself.

We can help you with your customer discovery and validation processes.

If your startup idea needs a website or a mobile app, we are available to build it for you.

Remember! On Day One, a startup is a faith-based initiative…

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