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Would you like to hire a graphics designer on credit?

Written by marketplace | Jun 15th 2021

Who is a graphics designer

A graphics designer is a person who combines text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books. Graphic designs such as logos, flyers, complimentary cards, t-shirts designs, etc are created by a graphics designer.

They translate their client's ideas into designs that will be used to enhance visibility as well as patronage. It is important to hire a graphics designer that is great at their job and that's where eelspace marketplace comes in.

But hiring graphics designers is expensive

Yes! Hiring a graphics designer is expensive because there is so much creativity that is being put into creating a design that will stand the test of time as well as communicate the brand's message and ideology at first sight.

But not to worry, we have a large network of graphics designers at eelspace and they all sell their services at different price tags. While some are expensive, the others are very affordable and of great quality.

To hire a freelancer to create a logo for you on our marketplace ranges from  $5 upward and varies to over $100. This allows you to get your designs done for you within your budget.

Will affordable graphic designers get the job done?

Yes! At eelspace, we vet every African freelancer that signs up to work for clients on our marketplace. We are very intentional about expertise and creativity as it is the main reason why we focused our radar on the African freelancers as they are known to be very creative and committed to excellence while working on our client's projects.

The freelancers we have on our marketplace are go-getters, they are highly motivated individuals with a similar mantra that says No excuses, we will deliver against all odds  We are in business because of the strength of their character, and a strong drive to make them seen by more businesses that their services will help.

Can I hire these graphics designers on credit?

Oh yeah! We have a team of graphics designers who have decided to help you grow and scale your business affordably through the application of their years of expertise and skills in designs without charging you upfront.

These teams of African graphics designers are ready to trust you even before you can trust them. They will work for you and get paid immediately after they submit their jobs to you. 

How can I hire a graphics designer on credit?

Below are the steps to hire a freelancer on credit

1. click here to sign up on the marketplace as a buyer

2. Update your profile here

3. For logo designs click here

4. For flyer designs click here

5. For other graphic design needs, click here and contact the seller

What should I do after getting my graphic designs?

After getting your designs, click here to make payment, and this time around don't use a promo code.

Also, kindly give us a review as this means a lot to us and the team of African freelancers delivering value to you on our marketplace. 

For all your graphic design needs, #thinkeelspace. 

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