Selling on eelspace

How to start selling on eelspace as a professional with great skills

eelspace is Africa's largest marketplace for digital and local services. If you are very skilled, you can use that skill and add value to our Buyer’s community thereby making a lot of money while you are at it. Whether you are a programmer, content writer, graphic designer, translator, plumber, welder, electrician or dog walker, eelspace has the place for everyone.

Creating your Gig

Your Gig is the professional service that you sell on eelspace. Creating your Gig is an avenue to show off your skills and provide buyers with all the information they need to help them decide to hire you.

Offering Packages

Packages is a way for you to provide different persuasive offers to sell on your Gig Page. It’s a great way to give your buyers more choices.

Sending Custom Offers/Buyer Requests

Sending Offers allows you to offer your services to potential buyers in a more customized manner following their request.

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