As an individual whose actions depicts a great sense of urgency, there are skills that you must not learn without first mastering the three essential skills that you need as an entrepreneur or as a global citizen.

Yes I know that the world’s economy has been brought to her knees and that the world as we once knew it has and will change even further after the end of our current pandemic, Coronavirus.

But that should not be enough reasons to begin learning skills, just anyhow; without first mastering the three essential skills that is needed to succeed tremendously in this era and in the era to come.

Due to the ongoing economy cataclysm experienced by citizens of the world, it is less unlikely to find someone whose mind is not soaked with unending questions and peculiar concerns such as “What skills can help me make money?”

These questions and concerns can push a sane personality into a pit of confusion where inexperience will attempt to drag your intuition in the mud thereby leading to multiple injuries emanating from participating in the wrong education or useless investment.

Skills are indeed very necessary to survive every season. It is a mandatory pill that must be taken correctly with adequate attention to dosage. Needless to emphasize the necessity of taking the right kind of pill.

Graphics Design is a great skill, Digital Marketing is a fundamental skill that turns entrepreneurs that are deliberate about achieving success into millionaires after complete mastery of the art.

But Don’t Learn Graphics Design!

There are several other skills out there waiting to be acquired such as web development, programming, mobile app development, blogging, Ui/Ux Designs, etc.

But yet again, Don’t Learn Graphics Design or any of the above-mentioned skills without first learning and mastering the three “Queen Skills” as you conclude in your decision to become an entrepreneur.

It’s okay if you had already started learning some other skills without first learning the “Queen Skills” , some folks did that too. You’re not alone. But we need to change that narratives immediately.

Here is what you need to know about one of the “Queen Skills”

One of the “Queen Skills” is a very important tool. It has been used by almost every human that once lived on the earth. Yes! Without checking history, I can boldly say that the Greeks must have discovered this skill immediately after the discovery of fire.

Before the invention of papyrus, many elite members of Greece committed information they wanted to remember later into their memory. The Greeks had something called “Memory Writing”

Memory writing was a very important skill, but No! That’s not one of the “Queen Skills”

Before I go further into mentioning all the “Queen Skills” every entrepreneur should learn, I want to first list the different areas of application of one of the “Queen Skills”

  1. Examinations
  2. Grants Applications
  3. Business plan
  4. Pitching Excercise
  5. Presentations
  6. Business Model Canvas
  7. Pitch Decks
  8. Communication
  9. Negotiations
  10. Selling etc.

The list is endless as the skill can be applied in almost all areas of an entrepreneur’s life.

The three “Queen Skills” are

  1. Writing
  2. Selling
  3. Buying

Yes! Learn these three skills instead of Graphics Designs or Digital Marketing etc. Learn this trio first.


Contrary to what others say about the difficulty in writing, to us and many others who took onto writing it is the easiest skill ever that one can learn and master in a short time.

As an entrepreneur, good writing skills will help you win grants; succeed in pitching your idea successfully to your investors; win trips to business seminars etc.

Writing is a skill that is too important to be ignored. It is supposed to be marked as a must-have survival skill for every entrepreneur who is ready to make it big.


Selling is one of the “Queen Skills” that doesn’t work without some elements of writing. In fact it doesn’t work at all without some form of writing.

You need to write your AD copy that will end in a sale and also write a great sales or promotional script to drag your audience to your product and offerings.

You need to learn the art of selling.

Preferably get a copy of Way of the Wolf by Jordan Belfort and diggest multiple times until selling becomes a second nature.

Get a copy here


Buying is not the opposite of selling, it is one and the same thing, only different in application times. In fact every buyer is trying to sell his decision to the seller and the seller is inturn trying to sell his decision to the buyer just from different standpoints.

You can’t learn Buying without first understanding how to sell, and you can’t learn how to sell without first learning how to write.


  1. Great write up and indeed queen skills. However, what are the techniques in buying that one should learn the skill of buying?

    • Thank you for your comment Chidinma. One of the techniques in buying that should be mastered is NEGOTIATION. This is the practice of establishing and adjusting different decisions aimed at reaching an agreement. It is a must-have tool needed for success in business and entrepreneurship. I recommend you read Way Of The Wolf by Jordan Belfort to fully understand the intricacies surrounding a successful negotiation and other tools that can be used to facilitate buying.

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