Trust and Safety

See why your trust and safety matters most to us.
Millions of Gigs, Millions of Buyers, but your trust matters most.

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It’s Easy To Know Your Seller

We leverage on feedback and reputation in the eelspace marketplace. With sellers ratings and buyers feedback, it is now easy to review, compare and purchase the services you need.

Seller Ratings

On completing a certain gig, buyers can rate their experience.

Buyers Feedback

Sellers can leave a feedback on their experience with the buyer so that all can see.

Personal Details

eelspace values your privacy and takes your security on our platform very seriously. Your data is secured at all times and we’ll never share your personal information with third parties.

Safe Payments

We use very reliable payment gateways to process payments from buyers. eelspace is committed to the highest security standards.

Secure Communications

Your communication with sellers is highly secured. You can exchange files through our secured messaging system.

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